MALEFICENT Disney Couture de Force Figurine 22 cm

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Sideshow and Enesco present the Couture de Force Maleficent Statue!

The Couture de Force collection by Disney Showcase infuses a bit of fantasy into the magical world of fashion. Our team of highly skilled artisans flex their sartorial muscles, taking the signature ensembles of Disney's most beloved characters and elevating them with accessories, embellishments, and a healthy dose of imagination. Maleficent from Walt Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' strikes a regal pose in this handcrafted design, her ominous onyx robes reimagined as a satin gown and feathered, floor-skimming cape. Ready to rule the runway, the fashionable figure holds a golden scepter. This 8.75 inch piece is sculpted from high-quality stone resin and hand-painted in exquisite detail.


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